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  • Testing engineer

    Job description:
    1.Responsible for the testing of the camera,image quality testing
    2.Responsible for completing product test cases and requirements;
    3.Responsible for product functional testing and performance testing, and testing document management and archive;
    4.Based on the test results, to assist the development to positioning the bug, and improve the product.

    5.Assist users in use of the process to get  technical support.

    Job requirements:

    1.Working Experience four years or above experiences in testing & quality position
    2.Familiar with the testing process, master the commonly used software testing methods
    3.Familiar with linux and serial debugging tools
    4.Be able to independently write test cases, the implementation of test cases, the report submitted
    5.Understand the lens knowledge, familiar with the camera image quality test
    6.Be able to pay attention to and locate the problem

    7.Experience in intelligent hardware and camera is preferred

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