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Beijing Fengyun Vision Technology is a high-technology enterprise combining image system design and artificial intelligence. Founded in June 2016 by several experts with PhD degrees and work experiences in Silicon Valley, the company's core members have rich R&D and product experience in hardware, software, image, computer vision, machine learning and human vision. The company has established cooperation with distinguished Stanford University academicians. Fengyun seeks to become a global leader in the field of intelligent 3D technology.

Shortly after launch the company released its first commercial stereo camera for live-streaming. This was soon followed by a second-generation binocular stereo camera for 3D reconstruction system with applications for home renovation, real estate business and 3D E-commerce. The company will soon release a multi-camera system with 6-DOF 3D/360 and embedded deep learning capability for applications for the film, television and fashion industries. Fengyun Vision Technology collaborates with Stanford University to apply high-fidelity system simulations to substantially shorten data acquisitioncycle for deep learning in vision applications and lower deployment costs.